Who is this?

Sometimes I wake up, look in the mirror, and I realize that–I don’t kow the person who is looking back at me.

Change is good, but when you start to question what and why you are making certain decisions…you may realize its’ not because of your own desires, you realize that its’ for someone or something else…

That’s when you should start to rethink the path you have chosen.

>Anonymous in Montreal


Paranoid Thoughts

When you start having paranoid thoughts you start to wonder–why should this person’s possible actions determine your happiness?

If only the human brain was more powerful than the heart.

>Anonymous in Montreal

Mid-Term Douchebag

“Sir I would like to speak to you about my Mid-Term–I received a C-, is there any extra work I could do in order to raise it?”

“My TA graded it, but this is sh*t. If I graded it I would give you a lower grade. You don’t deserve it–I wish I could lower it.”

“Oh thank you sir, you are so kind for sh*tting on my work and dignity.”

Yay for office hours.

>Anonymous in Montreal


Just because I don’t show my intellect–doesn’t mean I’m stupid.

Please restrain from using condescending tones with me; I am very aware of those smirks.

I don’t know what’s worse, college students trying to bully–or the fact that it got to me. 

>Anonymous in Montreal 



In these five months somehow I developed a boyfriend who is 12 years older than me.

He’s kind, but sometimes I wonder if being with him is the right decision.

Am I just lonely–or do I really love him?

Does he love me like I love him?

>Anonymous in Montreal